We found a witch! May we burn her?
A witch? How do you know she's a witch?
She turned me into a newt!
A newt..?
I got better..
There is a simple way to figure out if she is a witch or not.
Witches burn, and what else burns?
Yes, and wood floats. What else floats?
... A duck?
Yes! So if this woman weighs as much as a duck, than she is a witch!
by WhiteyLights July 15, 2005
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Superior being, created to lead and teach.
Ducks, a reason to live.
someone: look at that ugly duck
someone intelligent and awoke: do not disrespect this superior being.
by intelligent and awoken person February 11, 2021
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A duck is a wholly wonderful creature. They also say "quack"
Duck: "Quack..."
by Simon April 13, 2004
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What the iPhone autocorrects "fuck" to, when never do you ever actually mean to type "duck".
Guy texting: "baby, I'm going to duck the shit out of you later."

Girl texting: "please tell me you mean fuck...?"

Guy texting: "ugh, yes. Ducking Siri."
by InTheKitchenCookingActualPies December 28, 2016
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Can be used instead of avoid. To duck someone/somethings means to stay away from; steer clear of.
"Yo, stop ducking me"

person 1: "you going to work today"
person 2: "i'm on the schedule but i'm tryna duck that"
by pearadox March 27, 2018
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A duck which lives in the center of the earth that will one day bring about the apocalypse unless mankind either keeps feeding him bread or uses water to cool down the earth's core.
"How can you not know about the duck unless you are some kind of douchebag?"
by supercoolpersondudeman February 2, 2009
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