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a skeleton from the game Undertale that makes a lot of puns
a lot of people want to fuck him
I'm not sure how you fuck a skeleton but ok??
Person 1: I just bought Undertale!
Person 2: Cool, who's your favourite character?
Person 1: I'd have to say Sans!
by IshiftSandvich March 24, 2016
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Short for Team Fortress 2. A hat simulator. Also, you shoot people. This game will rob your bank account because you spend so much money on virtual hats. You also trade and stuff.
Person 1: lol no
by IshiftSandvich October 4, 2015
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A security blanket is a blanket that young kids have for security.
It originates from a character in the comic strip Peanuts, named Linus van Pelt who always had a security blanket with him.
Gosh, you really need to let go of that security blanket.
by IshiftSandvich December 27, 2016
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I'm shitting
Thats shitty
Youre shit
Stop giving no shit
I'll not use this shit
Give me the shitting guy
Im a piece of shit
Shit is great
by IshiftSandvich October 6, 2015
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A duck is a bird thing. It swims. It's also a replacement for the word fuck
Person: Look at that cute duck!
Person: Duck you, John!
by IshiftSandvich October 6, 2015
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An English Springer Spaniel is a breed of dog. It's life usually lasts around 12 - 14 years. As stated in the name, it comes from England. Usually, it's very happy, loving, and intelligent. It has black-ish ears, black and white face, most of the body is black, but it has some white on the front. It's tail is black with a white dot at the end. A male English Springer Spaniel is usually 48 - 56 cm (1 ft 7 inches - 1 ft 10 inches) while a female usually is 46 - 51 cm (1 ft 6 inches - 1 ft 8 inches).
Person 1: I just got a dog!
Person 2: What breed?
Person 1: It's an English Springer Spaniel.
by IshiftSandvich October 5, 2015
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It can mean absolutely anything. Every time you can't find a word or something or forgot the word, you just use this.
Person 1: Whats that thingy?
by IshiftSandvich October 10, 2015
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