the correct way to spell "panicing"
Don't start panicing!
You mean "don't start panicking"
by Level 12 August 6, 2005
A person who panics very quickly; they tend to be somewhat OCD and nervous. They are also fidgety and tend to be uptight and cannot relax.
The panicker couldn't sleep when he found out that he had a term paper due in two weeks.
by qtbrownie321 November 18, 2007
A person who causes panic or fear. A person who projects fear. Typical Generals and War Artists who trained troops and commanded them in battle. Also for artists who were highly successful.
When panicker arrived, everyone stopped and looked at him and began to do their job with diligence
by Takanska February 2, 2015
a surname given to royal servants or loyal people by the king in ancient india....................
he's as loyal as panickers......
by rj.... September 27, 2007
A panicked gay means a guy who is too scared to admit that he’s a gay.
“Hey are you gay
“What?! No!!!”
Panicked gay.
by hiimsad April 2, 2019
A wussy who freaks out at even so much as a quarter-inch of snow.
Some snow panickers lose all their fear, however, on Friday or Saturday nights.
Boss: Where's Bob?

Employee Jack: He called in, said he couldn't make it in today, the weather was too bad.

Boss: There's barely a quarter-inch of snow out there!

Employee Jack: Yeah, Chief, I know...Bob is a snow panicker.
by Kalisiin January 9, 2011
To dance like your a crazy person to a Panic at the Disco song, or something with a connection to them.
Lowie: Which song on A Fever... can you dance to? like your on some whacked out ecstacy tablet


Jon: Yeah, i'd say Camisado

See, i think if you danced as lowie described, that would be Panicking at the Disco.
by Larnaa April 26, 2008