Drink, as in present tense of drunk. A logical strategy to avoid getting drunk.

If you are drunk, you had too much to drink in the past. If you are drink, you are currently drinking too much. Therefore, as long as you keep drinking, you will never get drunk. Instead, you will just remain drink.
"Look at that guy drinking all those beers. He is so drink right now. Later, he will be drunk. Right now, however, he is drink."
by legionofpaupers June 19, 2013
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A command used by elderly irish preists to signify they are almost sober and require more alcohol so they can maintain their oracle like state
"DRINK!!!"(generally yelled at other grey haired chainsmoking preists)
"Give me lots a DRINK!!! ohhhh(in a garbled voice)"
by Robert Benning January 04, 2007
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To glug a liquid down your throat, if a "bad" liquid, possibly damaging your kidneys... :)
Bob will DRINK the plumb juice.
by mushroomfriends! November 16, 2010
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Drink wine
I'm drinking milk.
Drink water
I don't like to drink pee.
Drink juice
I don't want to drink your cum.
Drink soda
by coolquack7 November 11, 2014
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The simplest drinking game in the world, and also the most efficient. Basically the rules are you tell someone to drink, and they drink. If they stall they have to drink twice. You can't make someone drink while they're already drinking or while you're drinking. Last one standing wins.
5 minutes of Drink! fucked me up far worse than 5 hours of Captain Beef.
by Nick D November 03, 2003
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something girls do while their boys are playing video games
They won't turn off the 360. Lets just go get a drink.
by dirtbikechick October 03, 2008
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