Heidi is an amazing, energetic, smart, styling, rocking, funny, gorgeous girl. She laughs at everything, and is almost always smiling. She is beautiful both inside & out. This girl definitly has a temper, but she controls it most of the time. She is a dude magnet. Every guy on this planet is lucky to have her. And she even has a hot name!
"Whoa dude that chick is hot!"

"Of course she is...that's Heidi"
by herryguy February 3, 2010
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A cute, fun, energetic, and funny
Girl who lives to laugh. She is caring fun and fun to be around. She gets angry but controls her anger very well.
Guy 1>"Wow she is always happy and energetic!"
Guy 2>"That is Heidi
by Rainbowunicorn November 26, 2013
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When you find a really rare or unique friend; One of a kind person.
I found a total Heidi recently! It's great!
by shaneseyyy March 5, 2009
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A girl who is nothing but caring, giving, honest and beautiful. She attracts a few haters because they are jealous of her supreme godliness and beauty. They can only wish they were half the person she is.
I wish I were more like Heidi
by RRB2009 February 7, 2010
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Heidi is the best. All of the guys wish they could get a girl like Heidi, but there aren’t any. She is better than any Hannah, Abigail, Ella, Riley, or Katelyn you will ever meet. Her name isn’t typical, and neither is she. Heidi is the smartest girl you will ever meet. She is kind and extremely generous. Not only is Heidi beautiful on the inside, she’s beautiful on the outside too. Heidi has a perfect smile taht can make anyone’s day. She has killa curves that will get any guy. Heidi is the dream girl. I know a Heidi, and she is literally perfect.
(girl with typical name, ex: Anna, Georgia, Sophia) : All of the guys are obsessed over that girl, Heidi!

Guy: DANG! I wish I was lucky enough to date Heidi!
by Tia Lynne February 3, 2018
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to take, hold, or steal your heart. a person who is a soulmate. a good lover.
she pulled a heidi on my heart. (she stole or holds my heart)
my heart was Heidied. (my heart was stolen)
watch out she will Heidi you. (she will steal your heart)
you have yourself an Heidi. (you have yourself a soulmate)
by LUVR86 February 8, 2010
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A really amazing, cool, funny, and an amazing friend and someone your going to wanna have as your friend forever!!!!!
1- who is that shmexy bichey
2- by best friend heidi shes awesome
1- i wish i was friends with her

2- ya im soo happy im friends with her
by shmexy bichey May 10, 2013
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