A word who's meaning is similar to that of the words; fruit tart,fruit cake.

1 - A person acting irresponsibly or awkwardly.

2 - A fool.

3 - A pervert or harasser; someone who harasses people sexually or in another way.

*Commonly said among friends*
1 - You're such a drink.

2 - You actually think that drink is gonna steal that car?

3 - Don't touch me you drink.
by Nick Wagner February 05, 2008
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Your Christian name, if your mom was thirsty when you popped out.
Maggie was delerious after giving birth, so did not think twice when she asked for a drink and they handed her her new born son. So they named him Drink. Get it? Ahhhh pffftt...
by todaugen March 05, 2004
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A teen club in houston which teens get to have fun and dance.
More like a RAVE for teens
Cain: Yu qoinq to drinks?
Alyssa: Hell Yeah!
by CAiNSTUHhh August 17, 2009
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Io: This is my friend Heidi, we call her drink.

'nuff said.
by babacool April 14, 2007
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1. Command to imbibe. Usually given to the most sober of the group for the purpose of shutting him/her up or seeing if you can make them say something really f'd up.

2. Noun- Also spelled Drink?!? Short for chick drink. Extremely expenive drink or one that is pink in coloration.
1. Shut up and Drink!

2. $11.50 for a Drink! OR
Mike is that your Drink?!?
by flipper November 05, 2003
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A liquid that is consumed usually in a cup or mug to live. When you dont have a drink, you get thirsty. After you consume a drink it will be followed by probably pissing.
Thirsty boy: Man im thirsty, could i get a drink?
Drink server: Ok, water or something else?
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People who drink often don't drink to remember, they drink to forget. Even people who drink socially or to celebrate drink to forget, not to remember. Alchohol wouldn't be any fun to these folks if they remembered everything that happened the night before.
Drinks don't bring bring back memories, they erase them.
by Solid Mantis October 07, 2020
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