Noun: An erection that is wasted or not put to use; Wood that never finds its port and is thus worn away/beaten and eventually gives up.
When Rhiana, the neighbor, asked if I wanted to "watch a movie" I thought for sure we'd get down. To my chagrin, we literally watched a movie while my driftwood bobbed in vain on a hopeless, lonely, sea.
by Brad Yo February 3, 2006
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a random boner, a stiffy out of nowhere
Chris L. was wearing his umbros in class and got up to leave and low and behold he had a bad case of driftwood for everyone to see!
by Slick Nick October 13, 2005
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the act of laying in a pool floating on your back naked while your boner is sticking up out the water
where is uncle jeff? oh he's busy doing his afternoon driftwood
by jmanning June 15, 2018
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n. 1) a type of elongated skateboard with good lateral skidding action used for tricks.

2) sexual tumesence.
Dude! I totally put some rad decals on my driftwood last night! Want to see?

Ahhh. No. Not really.
by gnostic1 August 17, 2011
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Noun : An erection that finds its way out of a man's undergarments of its own accord .
After seeing Kim in those tight-ass shorts my dick done shot straight outta' my boxers!!! If I don't shove this driftwood back in I'm gonna' chafe somethin' fierce .
by Boozeman August 25, 2006
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1. Persistent postcoital wood.
1. Sweet, you gonna lug that sticky driftwood back to the trunk?
by armsnlegs May 24, 2004
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drift·wood (drĭft'wŏŏd')

n. A solitary individual who aimlessly bounces between others on a crowded dance-floor engaging in obnoxious behavior and unwanted advances.
Girl I'm sick of this club, too much Driftwood to deal with.
by thabigshifty September 14, 2009
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