A reliable, economical car available in both sedan and coupe form factors, that perfectly reasonable people use for day-to-day transportation regardless of some internet douchebag's opinion about them.
It's a Honda Accord. What kind of example do you need? If you're not familiar with Honda and their line of vehicles, you probably can't read this anyway.
by Critical Error December 25, 2007
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Yo kevin yur gonna let me sleep with yur girl rite?, we have an accord?
by INdianCOnNECTION January 4, 2004
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a very dependable, midsized sedan, with good gas mileage, and an affordable price.
"what you paid $50,000 on a new mercedes and it broke down already. that sucks,i just bought a new accord with navigation, leather seats, front and side air bags,and dvd. then with the other $25,000 i bought a big ass boat."
by jaytee October 19, 2005
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In geo-political denotation, an agreement that once signed, causes an end to hostilities PROVIDED that the conditions to the aforementioned agreemnet are met. Failure to comply with the accord conditions can result in the original action stopped by the Accord to be carried out as if no agreement was ever effected.
Germany and Japan are still bound by Accords both signed in 1945, stating that if they ever became belligerents in their respective theatres again, the allies would crush them. These Accords are still in effect.

Saddam Hussein signed an Accord in 1991 allowing him to retain power PROVIDED:

1.) He destroyed his WMD stockpiles and showed proof of their disposal.

2.) That he stand down his military arm and cease to be a threat to the gulf region

3.) That he forfeit and disavow all claims to Kuwait and other regions.

Said Accord trumped any other agreements that he had with such entities as the UN. When Saddam refused to comply with the Accord, Iraq was invaded (An action that was halted due to the 1991 Accord) and Saddam was removed as a leadership entity. It is interesting to note that the UN refused to enforce the Accord due to not only the UN profiting from trading with Saddam ( in violation of a trade embargo) but France, Russia and Australia were also found complicit in this action.
by Ironbrand January 27, 2007
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Gay ass car that young punks who can't afford a real car drive.
Look at that fag in the accord.
by anon April 8, 2005
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A pathetic "sporty" car that some idiotic "Mr. Opportunity" tries to brainwash you into buying. Frequently chosen by ricers and idiots that are STILL brainwashed into thinking American cars are unreliable. Also, they try to make you think it is sporty. Honda is probably the most far from sporty car in existence.
Accord Driver: This car sure is sporty! I like my spoilers I put on the back, they make it so much better.

Mustang Driver: *accelerates*

Accord Driver: Wow, that thing is fast. I like my boring car though.

Mustang Driver: *waves out rear-view mirror*
by Mr. Opportunity October 5, 2007
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