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A downvoter is someone who will go on UD and downvote everything they come across because they have no skill to make their own definitions and have no friends to help them so to make them feel better about themselves they just try and ruin everyone elses fun.
I went on my user page today and sure enuf every single on my definitions had a single downvote on them. I kinda feel sorry for the downvoter because if they think it will really hurt someones feelings or that the person really gives a shit what they think is sad. They should just buy a print dictionary and torture it instead.
by saharadryhumor January 10, 2015
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A troll who down votes comments/submissions for the sole purpose of angering and confusing people.
I log on UD today and I see lots of words of the day's down voted. Looks like the work of a down voter troll.
by A2P July 11, 2009
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Someone who goes on Urban Dictionary and down votes EVERY definition just because that's what they do. It does not matter if it is the correct definition they will still down vote it.
Guy 1: Hahaha look at that definition it's so funny!
Guy 2: I'm down voting it.
Guy 1: Not cool, why would you do that?
Guy 2: Because i am a down voter
by ihatedownvoters February 22, 2010
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A user on a website that only gives negative ratings.
A downvoter here on UD would do nothing but thumbs down definitions.

On YTMND, they always give sites a rating of 1 star, regardless of whether it sucks or not.

On Threadless, they just sit there, continuosly clicking the "OMG STUPID" button. And they're everywhere.
by spell it rite October 16, 2006
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