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Just another one of those "funny" words that "cultured" individuals in the post-2017 meme community like to use. Often combined with panel memes such as Expanding Brain or Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh to enhance the "comedic" effect.
Cultured intellectual 1: With whomst'd've did you copulate with yesterday?

Cultured intellectual 2: Excuse me sir, but I think you meant to say whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es

Cultured intellectual 1: No u

Cultured intellectual 2: *head explodes from collateral damage*

Narrator: And not a single fuck was given that day
by UltimateDoge August 06, 2019

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An obnoxious person (often a moody reckless teenager or young adult) who likes to pour out his tear-filled opinions to the public and then proceed to brandish his opinions as a fact. To be a Ben Shapiro, one must also contradict their previously stated facts or beliefs.

See also: hypocrite
Me: Yo I was talking to this transgirl on Tinder and she seemed pretty great at first but then after chatting with her for a while I realized I was talking to a Ben Shapiro.

My dude: Oof, another one bites the dust.
by UltimateDoge April 24, 2020

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Also known as international dishwashing machine day (IDM Day), this is where people get together on December 28 to celebrate Josephine Cochrane's invention of the dishwasher in 1886 cause lord knows what sort of society we'd be living in without a dishwasher.
Madeline: yo it's international dishwasher day
Abby: Eyyy lemme go grab my cascade pods!
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by UltimateDoge March 09, 2020

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Spritecranberry is a new shock site fad which shares the same baiting principle as many other shock sites (goatse, tubgirl). Occasionally this link will be thrown around inside a comment thread, with many people trying to persuade others into clicking the link in promise of a free sprite cranberry. Those who click on the link will be redirected to a disgusting video of a person cleaning the inside of a dog's anal glands. Gross, but still nowhere near as nasty as the OG goatse.cx.

Fun fact, spritecranberry is the first shock site where the shock material is a YouTube video.
Troll: Hey guys, go to spritecranberry.net to receive your free can of sprite cranberry!
Gullible internet user: OH BOY! Free sprite cranberry!
Gullible internet user: *clicks on link*
Gullible internet user: *unplugs computer* what the fuck did i just watch
by UltimateDoge November 20, 2019

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Blue Lives Matter (abbreviated BLM) is a grassroots social movement that aims to empower Smurfs and to eliminate all discriminatory practices against Smurfs. It was established in early 2018 when two Smurfs got jumped by police officers because they were allegedly causing a ruckus on the streets (when in fact they were just singing and dancing). After the incident happened, people took to Twitter to express their animosity against what these police officers did, and thus the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag was born.
"Doesn't matter whether you are white, black, brown, or blue, everybody should be treated equally no matter what. The fact that two of our own had to experience such unwarranted discrimination is just outrageous. #Blue Lives Matter"
-Papa Smurf on Twitter | 8:21 PM - 26 February 2018
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by UltimateDoge February 29, 2020

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When a metal pole is being horribly violated by a pole dancer in many different ways. Poles have feelings too, you know.
After my girlfriend's pole dancing class ended, I went into the gym and started gently caressing all the poles that had been polested, telling them "shhhh.... everything's going to be alright, you're safe with me now."
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by UltimateDoge December 11, 2019

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Derived from the romanization of the Mandarin word 师傅, Shifu (or Sifu) is the common honorific name given to a master or a teacher, especially in the context of martial arts. It can also be generally used as a name for a very skillful and competent person.

See also: Sensei and Guru.
Mom: How was your first day at martial arts class son?
Son: Yeah it was great, our shifu taught us how to kick some ass while he was stoned
Mom: 😂😂😂👌👌
by UltimateDoge June 23, 2019

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