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Blue Lives Matter (abbreviated BLM) is a grassroots social movement that aims to empower Smurfs and to eliminate all discriminatory practices against Smurfs. It was established in early 2018 when two Smurfs got jumped by police officers because they were allegedly causing a ruckus on the streets (when in fact they were just singing and dancing). After the incident happened, people took to Twitter to express their animosity against what these police officers did, and thus the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag was born.
"Doesn't matter whether you are white, black, brown, or blue, everybody should be treated equally no matter what. The fact that two of our own had to experience such unwarranted discrimination is just outrageous. #Blue Lives Matter"
-Papa Smurf on Twitter | 8:21 PM - 26 February 2018
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by UltimateDoge February 29, 2020

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Just another one of those "funny" words that "cultured" individuals in the post-2017 meme community like to use. Often combined with panel memes such as Expanding Brain or Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh to enhance the "comedic" effect.
Cultured intellectual 1: With whomst'd've did you copulate with yesterday?

Cultured intellectual 2: Excuse me sir, but I think you meant to say whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es

Cultured intellectual 1: No u

Cultured intellectual 2: *head explodes from collateral damage*

Narrator: And not a single fuck was given that day
by UltimateDoge August 06, 2019

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Cancel Culture is an internet phenomenon that has emerged due to the internet's highly dogmatic hivemind mentality, where the opinions and attitudes of the public are harmonized into one giant unanimous blob. The said blob will spontaneously accuse and reprimand anyone who rubs them the wrong way, regardless of the individual's true intention. Often, these indicted individuals aren't even aware that what they said could be viewed in a different light, it's only the people that make it seem that way.

For example, take someone who asked "can marijuana make someone as intoxicated as alcohol" on Reddit. The guy who asked it was simply bored, but the people of Reddit took offense, ambiguously assumed that they're asking to take advantage of girls, and begin exposing all their previous posts to further prove the hivemind's unfounded belief. This right here is Cancel Culture in a nutshell.

Though it's easy to single out the "social justice warriors", do not be mistaken. In reality, anyone can co-opt a cancel culture as long as they share the same dogmatic and hypersensitive attitudes of the majority. In fact, the victims of cancel culture could be anyone who has disobeyed a rule or a policy of a group/affiliation/institution.

Essentially, the gist of cancel culture is about the public (and the individuals representing the public) either making accusations about something/someone they absolutely know nothing about, or overinflating a minor and irrelevant issue.
Example 1: People bashing PewDiePie for using the n-word and making satirical jokes about Nazism are proponents of cancel culture.

Example 2: Disney firing James Gunn for his 'offensive' tweets can be attributed to cancel culture.

Example 3: Diana was kicked out of a group chat on Kik because she didn't follow one of their group rules. She wanted to re-establish bona fide connections with one of the group members (Mikayla), but she rejected her and rebuked her just because she broke one of the group rules. Mikayla has just co-opted cancel culture as there was no legitimate reason not to befriend her.

Example 4: Jason sought help on r/FamilyAdvice because his abusive father kept beating his mother and threatening her and Jason. He admitted that he finally had enough and stood up for his mother by throwing a saucepan at his father. As a result of cancel culture, the people of Reddit decided on a whim that—despite the wickedness of his abusive father—Jason was the one that deserved all the blame because he hit him with a saucepan. This is because public opinion on Reddit upholds the traditional belief to always honor your parents no matter what. Thus, because of cancel culture, the true severity of Jason's situation was never taken into light, and his post (and other comments supporting him) were unfortunately downvoted to oblivion.
by UltimateDoge July 26, 2020

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SJW is an acronym for 'social justice warrior'. It used to have a positive connotation, because social justice is, in and of itself, a good thing, right?

However in more recent times, it's been co-opted by numerous amount of people that the entire rhetoric behind "social justice" has turned wishy-washy. In other words, it's not fresh news. People are getting sick and tired of SJWs who interpret every situation as needing justice, even if it's something as frivolous as a black dude who got a small coffee instead of the large they ordered.

The problem with SJWs in the 21st century isn't their intentions per se (social justice is inherently good), but rather the fact that their constant bickering does absolutely nothing to address or mitigate the REAL inequalities that exist in the world today. And I'm sure that 99% of SJWs have not even had any proper university education in the social sciences, so most of the things they say are coming from their ass. In reality, most SJWs are just on an ego trip, and take to Twitter to brandish their "wokeness".
What a SJW on Twitter would say: "OMFG so this white male employee at McDs gives me the wrong order and when I repeatedly asked for the right order, he became very angry. This is absolutely unacceptable, I am a black pansexual women and deserve to be treated better. #BLM"

What any normal person would say: "Had a bad experience at McDonald's where an employee got angry at me when I asked for the right order. I would've reported to the manager, but he was probably under a lot of stress and pressure so I understand."
by UltimateDoge March 10, 2021

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Also known as international dishwashing machine day (IDM Day), this is where people get together on December 28 to celebrate Josephine Cochrane's invention of the dishwasher in 1886 cause lord knows what sort of society we'd be living in without a dishwasher.
Madeline: yo it's international dishwasher day
Abby: Eyyy lemme go grab my cascade pods!
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by UltimateDoge March 09, 2020

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Spritecranberry is a new shock site fad which shares the same baiting principle as many other shock sites (goatse, tubgirl). Occasionally this link will be thrown around inside a comment thread, with many people trying to persuade others into clicking the link in promise of a free sprite cranberry. Those who click on the link will be redirected to a disgusting video of a person cleaning the inside of a dog's anal glands. Gross, but still nowhere near as nasty as the OG goatse.cx.

Fun fact, spritecranberry is the first shock site where the shock material is a YouTube video.
Troll: Hey guys, go to spritecranberry.net to receive your free can of sprite cranberry!
Gullible internet user: OH BOY! Free sprite cranberry!
Gullible internet user: *clicks on link*
Gullible internet user: *unplugs computer* what the fuck did i just watch
by UltimateDoge November 20, 2019

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Reddit is a popular social commentary website that houses the largest hive mind (collective conscience) on the internet.

The said hive-mind often loves to find the tiniest bits of "hidden meanings" in people's opinions and use it against them, regardless whether those implications were intentional or not. It is essentially an act of guessing what the opinion giver failed to admit (as if they had any) and calling them out on it.

Most of the time, the hive-mind's guessing game turns out to be plain wrong and the opinion giver is left in a state of astonishment and resentment, as they obviously didn't mean to imply whatever the hive-mind claims they were implying.

This often results in the OP (original poster) to give a grudged reply to the Redditor, clarifying that this is not what they meant to say. If such a reply is disdainful enough, it will warrant more Redditors to come in and defend the hive-mind with more ridiculous accusations (e.g. "you're just trying to cover up that...", "you're failing to see...", etc.). And the hive-mind will do this until the OP gives up from all the downvotes.

While such an interrogative 'tactic' is useful in places such as academic critiquing and obviously police interrogation, on a social commentary website, it is practically useless and quite frankly infuriating. It is doing nothing but gaslighting the opinion giver.
Example of the Reddit hive-mind in action #1:

OP: Can weed make you as intoxicated as alcohol?
Redditor 1: No, and why do you ask? Please don't tell me you're going to use weed as a date rape drug...
OP: Ummm... what? No, why would you even assume that that was my intention?
Redditor 2: Because the way you phrased it seemed like you were asking to use it on somebody.
OP: *feeling astonished* I-I literally was never even aware of the way I phrased it.....
Redditor 3: Well now you're aware.
OP: .....I'm sorry? What did I even do wrong?? I was literally just curious, jeez people.

Example of the Reddit hive-mind in action #2:

OP: I think that every topic can be joked about, within reason.
Redditor 1: Soooo basically you don't think every topic can be joked about....
OP: What.... well I mean yeah I guess if you put it that way, but that wasn't really my point. Obviously some jokes can't be taken to the extreme.
Redditor 2: But that means you're implying that people can't freely express what they might think is funny. You have no right to control someone else's thoughts or humor.
OP: You know what? Just shut the fuck up. I'm sick and tired of the Reddit hive-mind.
by UltimateDoge June 23, 2020

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