Anyone in competition or against you.

Mainly used and originated in chicago
All i see is opps in here
by trip93 February 7, 2014
Example: if (Arvin == opp):
print( ":)" )
output: :)
by poopeepoopoopeepeepoopoo April 15, 2021
when you absolutely hate a bitch that did you wrong or just in general.
"yo that bitch an opp fr'
by a niggerete December 16, 2022
if you listen to the lyrics of the song opp

Other peoples pussy id the main definition
then there's one for the ladies - other peoples penis

property is for G-rated rhyming radio play purposes
listen to the song and you'll have it "down with a discount" opp
by hungwhitey November 12, 2006
1. One who is often reffered to as a "snitch" or "taddle tale".
Person one: Hey, Dalia told the police your the one who robbed the bank down the street.
Person two: MAN.!!! That opp is going to me back in a cell.
by That one guy everybody knows December 15, 2013
A snitch of some sort.
"I gunned her down then she turned into an opp".
by parislecosha August 31, 2017