Instagram is like a fridge.

You keep opening and closing it every few minutes to see if there’s anything good when you get bored.
Guy1: on a scale of 1-10, how bored are you

Guy2: instagram
by Ettej September 26, 2019
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Instagram is basically hell. It is a stupid app that controls and manipulates the minds of its users. People get anxiety over how many likes they get or how many followers. Girls daydream of hot guys following them so they post extra scandalous photos. They become so egotistical and taking selfies and pictures for the gram just becomes the daily for them. People actually think this shit matters so some even become known as ‘Instagram Stars’ or ‘Instagram Models’ who we all know don’t get that perfect bod naturally. These famous instagramers lie and promote facades so they can get their $$$. They don’t actually care about your silly comments, edits, or fan pages. Wanna become instafamous? Just start taking off your clothes! It’ll attract the most idiotic and horny people but at least you’re getting that strong like-game amirite? #Brainwashed #FuckThisShitImOut #Instagram #LessClothesMoreLikes
*At the beach, but doesn’t give a shit about the beach itself. Just there for the photos*

Brittany: “Omg Fay, can you take a picture of me by the water?”

Fay: “I guess so...”

Brittany: “Take at least 20 photos. And move to the right so my ass looks bigger. Gotta arch that back!!”

Fay: “What the hell is this for? Were you hired by an agency or something?”

Brittany: “No, silly!! It’s for my Instagram followers!! I MUST keep them updated on my life at every second. If I don’t take good photos and have dope captions, I’ll lose followers!! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!!”
by Shookums666 August 19, 2018
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Used for white girls to post selfies with them doing duck faces, pictures of their dogs, or their latest purchase at Starbucks they are drinking that day. All while judging their popularity with how many likes they get on their picture.
Did you see my latest picture on Instagram? I got like 50 likes, I feel so cool.
by bjw3712 February 9, 2014
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A prominent photo sharing website. While Instagram has very high ability to provide professional, valid photography, a large amount of the teenage and preteenage population have stormed Instagram, turning it into an experience similar to Facebook before the middle aged population began signing up and completely destroying it.

While there is a small percentage of good photography on Instagram, a user will mostly find selfies at awkward angles taken by Caucasian girls (usually with their starbucks in the shot), or strange posts stating that if you find the letter "n" amidst the letter "m"s, in the picture your crush will ask you out. Many predict that Instagram will burn out, but others never seem to tire of the same selfies with dramatic captions.
White girl 1: I just got on Instagram today and posted a selfie!
White girl 2 2: How many likes did it get?
White girl 1: Um, I think around 20...
White girl 2: 20?! ...we can't be friends. Come back when you have at least 50 likes per pic.
by I ran out of good name ideas December 17, 2014
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A website tryhard's use at my school to force one another to each other so jocks can feel happy about their little feelings towards one another.
Instagram is now known as tinder due to my friggin school.

(car 4 represents tryhards success rate, the other cars represent all the tryhards crushes ignoring them.)
by Anonymouse. SCREEEEEEEEE December 28, 2018
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An app where people feel sorry for themselves because their friends did something more interesting.
Becky and her sluts were posting their newest Starbucks drink on instagram.
by TreuDat October 23, 2017
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A unit of measurement used by hipsters in which "coolness" is determined. The more "artsy" pictures they can create they cooler they become in the realm of what is hip.

Also, a unit of measurement to determine just how self absorbed, attention needy and undateable some people actually are through the amount of selfies they put on Instagram, as if Facebook isn't enough.
Guy 1- "Whoa! That chick has about 350 selfies on Instagram."

Guy 2- "Yeah, wow, that makes her about a 7.5/10 on the undateable scale. Good luck to anyone stuck with her."

Even though that hipster has put up 200 "art" photos on Instagram that look like they were left out in the sun on the end of a coffee table and substituted as a drink coaster, he's considered the hip of the hipest now by the hipster community.
by O.G. Junior Mint May 27, 2015
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