A better way of spelling 'enough' because 'enough' doesn't look like how you say it.
That's enuf, Johnny.
by hello.phan February 13, 2015
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The greatest soda ever made. Found mostly in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

Manufactured in Johnson City, Tennessee, by the Tri-Cities Bottling Co. Released at the same time as Mountain Dew (Tri-Cities Bottling Co. created Mountain Dew as well) in 1947, it was intended to be the hangover cure for the mixed drinks one would create with the Mountain Dew the previous night.

It has a distinct, smooth, lemon-lime taste, and is rich in Vitamin B and Niacin. It is actually healthy for one to drink one a day.
"Damn, man, my head is pounding from last night. Let's go hit up a Dr. Enuf machine."
by secondlined March 1, 2009
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When your statement is correct but the other person’s statement is also correct is Fair Enuf.
“Is that fruit yogurt?” “No It’s strawberry yogurt” “Fair Enuf”
by Demdamdum September 21, 2018
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When a guy is playing into a girl to get sex.
while I'm at the supermarket you're gonna have to clean the house. "fair enuf"
by quickdubz October 6, 2020
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alt spelling for enough bc enough dont sound like enough buf enuf does

enuff is another spelling
person1: you retarded stfu
person2: im autistic dumbfuck
person1: close enuf
by bloowh February 24, 2023
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