is when some inserts their dick into someones elses dick hole. but before inserting the penis intot the penis they both have to stretch the hole so they take random objects around the house to achive the objective.
by minecraft bruv October 05, 2019
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My man Spike is my favorite double D. He always has what I be looking for when I need to catch a buzz!
by mwah2012 August 01, 2015
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A component of the song "Jordan Belfort"

A girl or woman with a DD bra size
Bitch with double Ds she's a love of my erection and her mini ovaries but I ain't about affection so easily the sober me just smokes and then forgets em. Sometimes this life seems a little simple, especially when they tell me that I am something special... (Jordan Belfort) jordan belfort bitch bra breasts
via giphy
by Queen of the valley March 20, 2016
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