A performer who talks like a baby into a microphone; typically someone who pulls their pants down like a baby.
Chuck: Hey man, they shouldn't have babies on stage

Chase: That's a rapper.
by Killercoke2 August 8, 2019
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An urban poet. One who speaks in rhythmn and rhyme over various beats or instrumentals.
by eyekon January 9, 2003
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Often confused as a poet, a rapper uses poor grammar and turns it into style. Also mis-pronounciation and made-up words originate from this. Most are black.
50 cent (s) ('fitty')
by Ian Norton November 27, 2003
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A modern day descendant of a number of noble masters of rap and beyond, who include not only black people but those of other shades.
Some of these ancestors include The Last Poets and Woody Guthrie.

The single most significant difference between the present day rappers and the original real rappers is the intent.

Last Poets spoke out about civil rights, social issues facing black people.
Woody Guthrie spoke out for those who were victimized or taken by the ones who had money and power, including politicians.

Modern day rappers are most often motivated by sexual superiority of male over female, their money and possessions (which include cars, jewelry, electronics, and women etc in that order), drugs, and violence without reason.
So in the context of the Last Poets and Woody Guthrie, they are The Enemy Within.
The Last Poets are the rapper grandfathers, alongside Keorapetse Kgositsile and Woody Guthrie.
by notimeforbullshite January 31, 2010
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There are only two real rappers ever Tupac and Biggie
Joe: Tupac is the best rapper ever
Tony: Biggie Smalls is the best rapper ever
Hank: No guys Eminem is da best
*Joe and Tony beat Hank repeatedly with Tire irons until he stops moving*
Biggie and Pac wer awesome y couldn't they get along
by DaNorthlandGangsta March 29, 2010
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