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Oh youโ€™re just being alive? Iโ€™m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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A person who performs identity theft as a means to profit, gain control and earn more sex workers.
That rapper was one of the best around! The ladies love him.
by thatradtallguy June 08, 2020
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A performer who talks like a baby into a microphone; typically someone who pulls their pants down like a baby.
Chuck: Hey man, they shouldn't have babies on stage

Chase: That's a rapper.
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by Killercoke2 August 08, 2019
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Rappers is a genre of music with untalented douchebags and fuckboys who will rap about drugs, hoe, and talk about killing and they always mumbling in theres music is the reason why there untalented
Rappers:gjwiwoaisfuehwjaj hoes and drug fiooqosfnekwi

me:ppff no reason why kids listen to gay ass genre of music
by Vix.HQ August 28, 2020
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autotuned speed readers with crappy computer sounds playing in the background. NOT MUSICIANS!
My dying grandma who has dimentia can string together a better sentence than most rappers.
by therev69 February 24, 2011
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A person who listens to th so called "music" known as rap.It is mostly listened to illiterate {to all you retards thet pretty much means dumb)people of just about every race.
Most are in denial about other forms of music especialy rock. Most believe rap is the most popular music out there.and yet the only country it is popular is here in the u.s. also Believe there cool and tend to discriminate Excessively. all of them expect to be respected but yet give no respect to anyone exept for a select few. {Now please send all hatemail or if you agree feel free to send me something to danielwilm@hotmail.com }
any and all rappers including usher, snoop dog, and eminem.
by daniel wilm June 04, 2005
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