A female that is all about the dope and the dick, she could care less about her children or aspiring to be better.
by Ms.LinaV February 06, 2016
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A breast size that in reality, are fat saggy boobs with nipples the size of your palm. Some guys may act like like the, but thhey are really gross as hell
Dude 1 : Hey man last night I had the best sex, but the girl i banged had double d's and they were fat and saggy!

Dude 2: That sucks! i just had sex with a girl and shes was an A, but better small than saggy!

by giant nipples suck November 18, 2007
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double D is a kid also known as Penis with a D. He wants to fuck everything he sees, whether its a guy, girl, or grandma. Double D is a good kid but hee's also somewhat of a bully as he picks on Glen.
Double D saw a female and wanted to "bang that chick"
by M123 October 03, 2006
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The name of a popular tv/movie character. Daisy Duke from "The Dukes of Hazard."
I see your initials are Double D.
by Kuwabara September 19, 2005
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hey michael can i have that double d
don’t come near me unless you can give me that double d
by poppers24 December 29, 2020
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Seasoned veterans of the skelp
Double D are seasoned veterans of the skelp.

And proud captains of the Bonnie Jeist.

Conquerors of the Scurge!
by Deek and Doc May 23, 2020
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