A) The infamous logo of the kids' TV show Double Dare, in which the first letters of the words "Double" and "Dare" are linked together. Also called the "Dueling D's" when early cartoons showed the animated letters throwing pies and spraying seltzer at each other.

B) The large, white circle in the center of the "Double Dare" stage floor, which featured the above-mentioned logo printed in the middle. Often used as a marker during the show's physical challenges.
A) "What color were the Double D's in the 1989 season?"

B) "You can go anywhere on the stage that you want as long as your toes don't touch the Double D's."
by CJ the DJ May 28, 2007
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Means double douchebag. was in fashion last term for no particular reason but it made us laugh cos it was so shit.
Person 1:That S. Elliot's a real double-d

Person 2: yes, unfathomably so
by Drinker December 03, 2004
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"Damn dude, I'm so hungry!"

"Yeah I think I saw a Double Ds down the street!"
by Joe J April 04, 2006
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dirty draws (when a girl or guy doesn't wash their draws)
damn yo....that girl got some double d's!
or: Damn she wore those double d's for like a year!!!
by mookie dookie lalala July 12, 2005
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