15 definitions by kickak

originated in houston, like a parade of hott whips swangin from side to side in the street
look hear comes some hot whips they'r swang'n
by kickak June 5, 2005
a hpi hop dance where you pivotur right foot to the toe and ur left to the heel then u move one in front of the other with a hop like u are walk hoping
do the heel toe , yeah
by kickak March 15, 2005
someone who isnt very cool but somehow maybe through older siballings get sto be seen with coold people to look "cool"
yo im tellin u jasoin is always with us but never talks or stands out hes such a bopper
by kickak June 5, 2005
dirrty is the mid-west version of homie from the west, son from the east and patna from the south
by kickak March 9, 2005
A) used to address sexy females
B) used to address a younger friend or syballing
A)wat up shawty u lookin straight
B)youll get there soon shawty keep ya head up
by kickak March 9, 2005
the east coast equivalent of homie, mainly used in new york
by kickak March 9, 2005
someone who never has their own weed and tries to smoke all he can from everyone else's
yo you a cheifer get off my weed
by kickak March 6, 2005