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A band with meaningful lyrics. Often melancholy, and very addicting.
"Terrified of telephones and shopping malls and knives, and drowning in the pools of other lives, rely a bit too heavily, on alcohol and irony."
-The Weakerthans
by rebecca August 15, 2004
Teenagers; especially young teens who 'follow the pack'. This can mean; liking the same bands, wearing the same brand of clothes and adopting the same slang. This can be spotted as teeny boppers behaviour and not an indication of indivdual taste by the complete change of affectations and habits after about eight months have passed.
Teeny boppers:The current hatred of emo, by kids who are into punk. Also kids being emo, because its cool. Also the fact both groups wear converse all stars in a variety of colours. Although this will date very quickly as Green Day haven't released anything in a while.
by rebecca June 19, 2006
leaving, exiting
"This party is boring, let's BONE OUT"
"Instead of staying at my Grandmother's house, I boned out"
by rebecca July 6, 2003
Protector of the innocent... The name is a Saint/Warrior of Peace... Also The person with the name "Gurman" Has one of the realest or VERY GREAT personality
by rebecca June 15, 2004
man: yo ho' get ya pants down gal
by rebecca January 3, 2004
knowing alot of shit in one subject. well-learned
The hooker was erudite in subjects such as sex and drugs.
by rebecca July 9, 2004