person:wats good
some1else:nothin whats gud wit u?
by retrogurl June 28, 2008
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When something is really awesome or great, one would use the saying wats good
#WG Holy shit man you totally tapped that ass last night Wats Good!
by jakebrake December 2, 2013
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The same as saying wats up to someone
Shan: Hey Jay...wats good wit the dude??

Jay: Nothing much
by Ashant March 7, 2008
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The common greeting of Jersey whites wishing they were african american. Its an interrogative statement used to gather knowledge on the what have you's of the days possible events.
Man: Wats really good with me coming through and tapping that ass?

Woman: I dunno you think you can get it to work you impotent wanna-be thug?

by JerzP May 1, 2008
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