25 definitions by Killa

a loaf of penis
excuse me sir...would you please place your penisloaf in my vaginaloaf...you hot sexy man beast.
by Killa September 04, 2003
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Home of a variety of individuals. Some may include those who talk about tractors or ect. Stop being stereotypical of this region! It's sickening!
by Killa February 27, 2005
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AN o-50is someone who is in the bloods gang bu never got jumped into the gang.
I didn't know he is an o-50.
by Killa May 15, 2004
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almighty people's nation..../\^/\^/\....5 poppin 6 droppin, 5 sippin 6 drippin
I serve ALMIGHTY and only da ALMIGHTY 5!
by Killa April 20, 2005
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