this moment
it's about time we deal with this situation.
by monkoo7 May 2, 2018
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An easy way to say it is time to go take tokes of the marijuana smoke. Makes it a lot less awkward to exit an awkward situation to go meet the green man who killed bob marley
Douchebag at party: Hey man come hang out with all these guys!!

Me: Sorry man..."it's about that time"
by dysfunction316 February 2, 2010
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When happens and it was due to happen a lot of time earlier.
About damn time you showed up... I was waiting here for hours like an ashole
by STFURobocop January 6, 2016
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when you are repeatedly asked a really pointless question by a plethora of different people or you are like earmuff-wearing Warren in There's Something about Mary because its what you do.
Mom: Honey did you say hello to your uncle Bob?
Me: (rolls eyes) About ten times!

from the movie:
Warren did you say hello to Ted?
by m & M 08 July 11, 2008
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Invented by Litty Lit (she ain't never gonna quit, lit lit big rip)

Letting one rip by an indivudual whos ass is bakery (thicc)
Litty let one rip this time she followed through, as she waddled away she thought "It's about time I cleaned out that bakery".
by Domsky September 13, 2023
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1. A sarcastic apology. Used to rub salt in someone's wound.

2. An apology with attitude.
Guy: I thought we were having sex tonight.
Girl: Yah, no. Sorry about that time.
by FuchsiaMM February 27, 2006
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