a word commonly expressed usually at the end of a round or match (prominently in Overwatch) that implies a skill differential between one hero and the opposing same hero. used to shit-talk the other team and absolutely flex your skill on the same opposing hero.
*Super loses on Roadhog*

opposing hog hog diff
Super u id dnothing
Super please dont speak to me
Super :/

*Goes Wrecking Ball*
by Garry McDonalds-Burger January 8, 2021
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an unselective and microscopically thorough comparison between two versions of something; comes from the Unix "diff" utility, which gives a list of all the differences between two files.
"First up I'm going to diff the technological advances of the two cultures."
by master_gopher January 17, 2006
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Short for differential when talking mostly about trucks and 4x4's
"Yeah I got an ARB locking diff in the front and a detroit locker in the rear"
by Moto May 20, 2006
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The AP calc test today was really diff.
by 5'1"Racer February 12, 2005
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a large butt.
short for differential gear on a vehicle which is also seen from behind.
she has a bit of a diff on her.
by mikehunt8710 January 9, 2006
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