Nah I can't go out. I got some calc to do.
by valoem November 15, 2004
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1) Abbreviation for calculus.
2) Abbreviation for calculator.
1) Hey, what did you get on your calc test?
2) Teacher: No, you may not use your calc for this problem.
by Hoyvin-Mayvin June 9, 2005
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A measurement of jenkem that refers to 10 balloons* filled with methane and hydrogen sulfide. This is a lot of Jenkem. A couple calcs would be able to support a small kickback.

*typically party balloons

a calc can also be formed with other sized balloons (water balloons, weather balloons) but has to be renamed accordingly:

i.e. mini-calc, mega-calc.

note: calc is often confused with the abbreviation for calculator, or Calc. Confusing these two is a common misunderstanding and can make a typical conversation awkward.

another note: one who huffs a whole calc is highly respected by his peers. In order to gain this prestige he must stay conscious throughout the whole Jenkem binge.
Thats the guy that supposedly got halfway through a mega-calc.

Wanna come over to my place later? ive got a calc thats been festering for a good month.

: Dude, can i borrow your calc for math next period?
: eh, i dont know how this will help...but yeah go for it

I got stopped at the airport lastnight; they didnt let me take my calc through security.
by vucknaquaterodge March 29, 2010
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Short for calculator. A word in meaning similar to geek.
Girl 1: Ahh that boys well fit.

Girl 2: WHAT!! He's such a calc, man.
by lukaaaaas September 4, 2009
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A word I made up for saying "Calc u later"
The action of throwing a calculator at someone
What did you learn?
by Senboy123 January 10, 2021
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When a teacher at school bends over in front of you showing their ass in full show, double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon
“Oh i love it when miss calc’s in my face, so round!, ahh i love Calcing!”
by Jojobeds January 25, 2022
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Alch-Calc: the calculation required to determine how long you will need to exercise non-stop to burn off the calories accumulated from drinking alchohol during a particular alchohol consumption opportunity.
Damn, I drank like a fish last night! My Alch-Calc is 25 hours!
by Tomicus April 6, 2009
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