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Am Right Back, used after BRB when you return to chat.
User 1: brb
User 2: k
User 1: arb
User 2: wb
by AmRightBack February 04, 2013
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A pollite term used to describe an arabic person
Person 1 : hey look at that arb over there!
Person 2 : yeah he's such an arb, i wonder if his name is abanoub?
by dylan123321 July 13, 2012
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A.R.B( Angry Raging Bull)

A person easily enraged by the smallest of things. Sensitive and prone to outbursts, but rarely remembers such outbursts due to the fact the ARB sees red when in a state of anger and is blinded by said anger.
Dude1: "Hey man, are you ok you went full A.R.B yesterday"
Dude2: "Did I? Sorry I don't remember. I was seeing red"
by jrobby9999 June 16, 2017
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Short for arbitrary person not worthy of mention; when referencing the name of the person/thing is unnecessary.
"Remember that arb dancing with Danielle last night?!"

"Tony always talks to the most arb skos I've ever seen!"
by Danielle Ducre June 25, 2005
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Short for 'Arbitrary' - this acronym is used more commonly where the context of the word implies the likes of the target object/subject being 'random', 'strange', 'unusual', etc...
What an arb picture - looks like the guy's head is out of proportion with the rest of his body! And what's up with that pink porche in the background? Must be a photoshop.
by Dimitri Pappas July 22, 2008
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