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displaying ultramodernism or experimental style, especially in art or literature
Performance art can be considered avant garde in the way it communicates with it's audience addressing them often in a confrontational or interactive manner.
by zephyr January 26, 2005

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Filipino word for "grandfather"

Hawaiian word for "crazy" (found also in the compound word "pakilolo" which means crazyweed or pot)
Yeah, my Lolo is lolo. He smokes pakilolo
by Zephyr August 30, 2003

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those little cardboard thingies they put around your cup of coffee at starbucks. they call it a cup-sleeve, but it actually is called a zarf.
hey bob, my coffees too hot. throw me another zarf!
by zephyr November 27, 2003

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A really, really good beverage, and not only for women on diets.
"Can I have a diet coke?" said the woman who was not even overweight. It just goes to show you that Diet Coke is for everyone!
by zephyr May 01, 2004

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A southern fat man's penis
"LUUUUCIIIILE! Come pet m' piggly wiggly"
by Zephyr May 03, 2004

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Something so FANTASTICALLY stupid or retarded, it ceases to be fantastic and thus becomes tardtastic! Lengthen the 'A' in tard for a more dramatic effect.
"It's a TARDTASTIC day today!"

"This photocopier is acting completely tardtastic today!"

"Wow, that girl in the helmet over there is tardtastic!"

"How ya doing today there, Biff?"
by Zephyr May 04, 2004

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A beautiful woman attached to technology, specifically computers.
She is such a wiren...I mean, look, she got that RAM and stuff!
by Zephyr November 04, 2003

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