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Somewhere between a flirt and a perv, a lecher is both better looking than a perv and slightly more blunt/less deceptivly sensitive than a flirt. To see what is meant by deceptively sensitive, see, "10 things you don't know about men."
Non-sexually oppressed men from the ages of 15-23.

NOTE: NO inuyasha references.
by Macadaciouse September 08, 2004

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The biggest test of manhood in the world. 12 days of backpacking in the New Mexico highlands, anywhere from 70-90 miles among 12 thousand foot mountains. Their trademark is big manly 12 inch body armor belt buckles.
Find a big tough guy, and look at his belt. THAT, my friend, is Philmont.
by Macadaciouse July 14, 2004

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Sometimes misinterpreted as a teen flick about a couple preps, it is the defining movie for a generation. It is about a jock, a cheerleader, a nerd, a, "basket case," and an early punk being stuck in a library for full day Saturday detention. One of the best movies of all time, it influenced a generation. The song, "Don't You Forget About Me," will still make any tough Senior cry.
Watch it. Love it. Live it. I dress like the punk one 24/7.
by Macadaciouse May 11, 2004

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Offensive term for a person of Irish or Scottish descent. Intended to mock the common Mc- or Mac- prefix on their names. Used by anyone without a Scottish/Irish accent or at least red hair will result in an ass beating.
Put down that whisky you filthy drunken Mic!

Ach, yew kin take oor freedom, but yew kin never take oor Scotch! Ne'er troi to take th' alkohool o' a Mic!
by Macadaciouse June 15, 2004

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70's ebonics, black speech, a deep form of slang slightly easier to understand than this shizzle language. It appears that some honkys in here didn't get the memo.
Hey, it's all part of the revolution! **combs fro**
by Macadaciouse September 05, 2004

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A traditionally American liquor distilled from fermented apple cider, traditionally using a method known as freeze distillation, in which cold temperatures are used to freeze out the water in the 5-7% alcohol cider to the point that it is 40-50% alcohol. Prior to the required pasteurization, the hard cider base could be made simply by leaving store bought cider (kept in a glass jug with a metal cap, to allow airflow) in the sun. With modern sterile cider, both sugar and yeast must be added.

Unpasteurized cider may still be bought from farmers and hippies, but champagne yeast is already available, and there are countless recipes available on the Internet that will have your average high school alcoholic brewing his own alcohol in minutes.
Apple Jack can be made year round using store bought ingredients. The extreme cold needed to freeze alcohol (-117 deg. Celsius, really fucking cold!) means you don't even need a freezer; dry ice, available from behind the counter in many grocery stores, may simply be soaked in the yeasty beer to collect water ice.
by Macadaciouse September 02, 2006

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It's Lynyrd Skynyrd. Any fan posts here were done by dumbasses who think Freebird is the finger or something that craps on statues.
If a band known for their southern pride and frequent use of the Confederate Flag outsmarts you with their spelling, you have a problem.
by Macadaciouse June 08, 2005

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