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A very good, clean fighter. Often seen in street fights
John: That was a wicked fight
Ted: YA fosure, the winner was a Dempsey
John: Give me my money bitch
by Potato Salad September 28, 2007
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Dempsey is a surname of Irish origin.

Dempsey is a variant of O'Dempsey, first recorded as Dempse in 1526. It represents the Anglicized form of the Irish gaelic Ó Díomasaigh (male) or Ní Dhíomasaigh (female)
NiamhDhíomasaigh (Niamh Dempsey)
Seamus Ó Díomasaigh (James Dempsey)
by Ms. Ní Dhíomasaigh July 09, 2010
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a diner that appears to be a Denny's ripoff, but is actually the shiznit since Dempsey's was founded 5 years before Denny's.
I used to flip burgers for a living, but now I work at Dempsey's and also flip chickens and omelets, peel potatoes, and fry fries and chicken fingers. Now I'm a serious pimp.
by Nick D February 21, 2003
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A Dempsey is a male or female that pisses after every drink of beer. They have thimble sized bladders and usually squat when they piss
Wow, sorry guys I have to take a Dempsey.
by Harry O' Nutz April 01, 2011
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A child-eating, porno-hungry, sex-addicted, beastiologist who performs open heart surgery in the nude. He has a very very large wang (if you look at it at a microscopic level). But everyone loves him cuz hes sexy and cool. Word.
"I awoke from surgery and there was a Dempsey standing above me eating a child while watching porn on a nearby television. I called Lassie to see if my heroic dog would save me, but this Dempsey ended up having sex with her. My life sucks ugh."
by tightmoanzz August 25, 2008
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An amazing, funny, handsome person who is almost flawless in every way.
Sarah: oh this Dempsey I was talking to is amazing.
Lucy: yeah I know him he's got such a big cock.
by Billlynillinson January 19, 2017
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- A big fat asshole who looks like a giant fucking dick with a turtle shell on his back and a dick in his ass.

- Is a dick. Enough said.
Guy 1: Big hairy scary gay Gary Dempsey the douchebear gave Drew Bisson a big fat load in his ass.

Guy 2: Yep. That sounds like Gaybear dempsey.
by BHSSucks2311 September 04, 2010
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