A very good, clean fighter. Often seen in street fights
John: That was a wicked fight
Ted: YA fosure, the winner was a Dempsey
John: Give me my money bitch
by Potato Salad September 28, 2007
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An amazing, funny, handsome person who is almost flawless in every way.
Sarah: oh this Dempsey I was talking to is amazing.
Lucy: yeah I know him he's got such a big cock.
by Billlynillinson January 19, 2017
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-used to describe old pompous policemen who fancy themselves a poet

-grammar nazis who amuse themselves by looking up obscure words and using them in front of others to try and impress them
Did you hear that lame ass poem? That bloke is such a dempsey!
by bob legg November 28, 2007
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Dempsey is a surname of Irish origin.

Dempsey is a variant of O'Dempsey, first recorded as Dempse in 1526. It represents the Anglicized form of the Irish gaelic Ó Díomasaigh (male) or Ní Dhíomasaigh (female)
NiamhDhíomasaigh (Niamh Dempsey)
Seamus Ó Díomasaigh (James Dempsey)
by Ms. Ní Dhíomasaigh July 10, 2010
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she is the best person to be friends with, you'll wish she's your daughter. she's funny, nice, pretty, caring, loyal and just the best person you'll ever meet. She has an attitude for miles when she doesnt get her way. Sometimes she lives in the imagination in her head and gets very disappointed when reality doesn't match. She is fiercely loyal to those she loves and will never let you down. She has a knack for cooking and all things food. She is creative and artistic with her head in the clouds yet remains grounded.
Wow your definitely Dempsey
by Lucky dream catcher September 15, 2019
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a diner that appears to be a Denny's ripoff, but is actually the shiznit since Dempsey's was founded 5 years before Denny's.
I used to flip burgers for a living, but now I work at Dempsey's and also flip chickens and omelets, peel potatoes, and fry fries and chicken fingers. Now I'm a serious pimp.
by Nick D February 22, 2003
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Zhe absolute ugliest creature I have ever seen! Unt I have seen lots of ugly things! Dempsey (also known as Tank) is a US Marine unt all but he really is just annoying unt gets in my way, Taken and Nikolai are much better assets to zhe Treyarch Zombies Crew.
“Hello Dempsey... ah, it’s just a portrait... AN UGLY ONE!”
by TheDoctor935 November 27, 2018
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