Not being very focused
He has his head in the clouds = he's thinking at something else, he's not very focused
by Alessia362 May 15, 2016
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Performing oral sex in a hotbox (smoked filled vehicle or room).
Human: Head in the clouds tonight?

Other human: Fuck yeah, I'll roll a few fat ones.
by Eloraborealis January 22, 2023
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Acting on whim or fancy. Living in a fantasy, and oftentimes a lackadaisical manner.
I dont believe it's possible for me to ever have a serious conversation with you, you always have your head in the clouds.
by Ocho` February 2, 2012
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My wife gave my connect head in the clouds for a half ounce of meth while I got high and filmed it.
by Mondaineman December 23, 2020
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Said to someone who fails to comprehend his or her own present situation. Often perceived as a misinterpretation of past events or activities. It is advisable to remind the person in question (if you appear to be in verbally discernible range), of his or her mistake to avoid any forthcoming embarassments on his or her part.
(Brief exchange prior to an imminent Science Test)

Karl: Hey Ev! *shakes his hand* Fail with honor!
Evan: Thanks. You too.
Karl: Ayan! *shakes his hand* Fail with honor!
Ayan: What?! Hey, I'm passing!
Karl: Ughh.
Evan: Haha, head up in the clouds Ayan!
by Comrade Karl April 13, 2005
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The condition of being slow witted or mentally fatigued, often brought about by sleep deprivation, partying, overworking or over studying, excessive use of television, video games or computer time; cognitive atrophy. It will feel like there is a cloud where your brain should be making it hard to think, concentrate, solve problems, or keep up with conversations.
I feel out of it today man, I have a serious head cloud right now.
by withinthecube December 27, 2012
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