An Irish girls name Niamh is a very independent and thoughtful girl and always up for the laugh she is an absolute beauty but because of this it strikes jealousy for other girls. Niamhs often get criticized and put down a lot because they tend not to fight back this doesn’t last long though because when you push a Niamh past her limit she will flip out and will terrify you. Niamhs are very sensitive and don’t take criticism of any type well. They are creative and can be quite clumsy to say the least. If you have a niamh in your life I advise you to treat her well because she is the friend that will never betray you and will always try to build your confidence as she lacks confidence in herself. Niamhs tend to be very shy before you get to know them. They are the friend and lover that will always be there for you especially if they say they will. Adores animals and can’t stand animal cruelty or cruelty of any kind to anything. Niamhs often find it hard to come to terms with their feelings and often say they aren’t good enough , they struggle to put how the feel into words which leads to people getting bored and leaving. Niamhs are charmers and are very empathetic , they give the best advice (going by my friends advice) and are very pure creatures too pure for this world
That girl over there called Niamh is always happily helping other
by A frienddddddddddddddddddd November 25, 2018
Niamh is a girl who is beautiful,kind , thoughtful, shy. She is a girl who is not afraid to follow her dreams but is scared what others think. She doesn’t have an easy life but she gets by. Her mother tells her ‘ if someone is talking about you ignore them don’t give them the satisfaction and think of it like this... if someone is talking about you it means you are worth talking about , and if someone is making rumours about you that means your worth making stuff up about you. Just laugh and walk away gorgeous’ Niamh is also one particularly good at performing arts and maths. She has brown hair green eyes! She needs the be confident in herself and get on with stuff. Niamh is AWSOME! And Niamh if you read this smile and love yourself 💖xx
That must be Niamh she’s gorgeous and such a good actor! Damnn
by WasssupSlags May 27, 2018
A Niamh is a kind caring and loving person they are an amazing friend and just want to be loved and excepted. They are beautiful but don't always think they are they are good enough. Niamh is a type of person who likes to draw or do art or something that clams them and they can put there feelings into. Niamh is a very amazing person and you would be lucky if you ever came across one so if you do DONT let go or they will never come back .
So a Niamh is a very rare humanbeing and you must hold on and if a Niamh loves you as a friend or lover you will be the happiest person EVER :)
by Dot324 May 30, 2017
Niamh is the name of a girl who is extremely talented, kind and very funny. She will brighten up your day by %100 and she’ll always be there for you. Niamh is a very very beautiful girl as well. When you’re having a conversation with her the conversation will never get boring when talking to her. If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with her never let her go because she’s such an amazing human being and you’ll regret it if you do let her go.
He’s so lucky to have Niamh”
by Raggyrag April 6, 2019
A Niamh is a dacent girl. She loves a good meme and is very funny. She loves with all her heart. She has been hurt many times. She feels like no one likes her when everyone actually loves her. She loves watching Netflix. She spends most of her time out. All boys think she is so pretty and beautiful.
“Do you see Niamh yesterday?” “Ya she was so pretty
by She brien February 19, 2019
The most amazingest girl you shall ever meet. Everyone loves her for her sense of humour and being herself. Gets along with everyone, however has a naughty side;) Very good at keeping her emotions in and putting on a brave face. Can be sensitive to things said about her or a certain someone although she may not show it.

Overall Niamh is a lovely, fun to be around girl!
by blahblahblah2081 April 30, 2011
A one of a kind type of girl, Extremly witty, often sarcastic and always up for a laugh. Very senestive and often dramatic, Beautiful and charming not to mention has the bedroom skills of a porn star! Can also be quite crazy... but when u get a Niamh that loves you, she will love you with with all she has got so dont let her down as once she is hurt shes gone forever!
That girl is crazzzzzzy like a Niamh!
by Loumooo February 16, 2010