An adjective used to describe a foolish or stupid person. It may sometimes be used in a serious context but is generally utilized as a playful insult. It is aslo a "politically correct" way of calling someone a "retard". The word came into useage by way of a lyric in an Ian Erix song and is reportedly an acronym for Un-Non-Tard ("Tard" having been derived from the word "Retard").
Oh my G-d, you've never heard of You are such an unt!!!

She's the biggest unt...she would lose her head if it wasn't attached to her shoulders!
by PJ Stark February 1, 2009
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A suffix added to any word desired in any scenario.
Oi, do you wantunt go to the movunt with munt? I'll shoutunt you a tickunt.
by Jobro Ki February 19, 2018
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Hell no.

A way of saying no, commonly used by poc.
Niya: and then I said that she looks like a gorilla…
V: unt unt that’s very much trifling.
by bcyouneedher June 12, 2022
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Remove this description and get a mug including the mug handle it spells Cunt
Look at my mug this is what you are Unt on a mug spells Cunt that being a cussing word makes it funny
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The general way to describe a beat too almost any rave song.
Guy: Did you hear that pimping song last night?
Girl: Which one?
Guy: That one that was like unts unts unts unts unts
Girl: Yeah, totally loved that one!
by TrueRaver May 21, 2011
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The universal correct spelling of the "Party Boy" sound.

Commonly used to describe the sound in a text message to avoid confusion and questions.
"unts.. unts.. unts.. unts.. unts.. unts. whoot.. whoot.. unts.. unts.."
by Hitman 4-7 (nhoffer) April 16, 2009
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A person who can’t keep himself with one girl, and gets too f**ked up
“he really cheated on elizabeth with jamie while drunk? must be a Unte”
by achoodawg June 1, 2020
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