To jerk oneself off. normally guys beat off and women stir the porridge.
oi i might go peel potatoes for a bit so leave me alone.
by billy walking August 22, 2006
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To peel ones potatoes is to relieve oneself of there sexual tension.
I like peeling potatoes once or twice a day depending on what mood im in.
by billy walking August 22, 2006
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Someone (tato) gets romped in any form, therefor going from a fresh potato to one which has been peeled, taking away his dignity
After such a gay remark; "You peeled potato."
by brewskis January 25, 2005
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To lick a man's balls. Often combined with salad tossing.
You don't need to blow me tonight, just toss my salad and peel my potatoes.
by middlehead September 07, 2006
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The use of a potato peeler on a guy's dick. Very rare in real life, but nevertheless the ultimate potential downside of receiving a handjob or blowjob from a girl you just met. Often used as a joke at one of your homies after he turns a girl down.
Eg 1: Chris is kinda paranoid. This girl was going down on him when she pulled something out of her pocket; he freaked and thought she was gonna try potato peeling, but it was actually just her cell

Eg 2: why didn't you hook up with that girl? Afraid of potato peeling??
by syny567 March 07, 2009
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