Denny's is a 24-hour diner. They serve warm mediocre quality food, coffee, and the essential Meat-Lover's Skillet. To fully qualify as a Denny's however the diner must have:

1.) A waitress that has worked there way too long. She is missing a finger, a tooth, or maybe she has a 6th toe. In any case she's freaking tired and does not take any of your crap.

2.) One of the following non-conformists:
"To be a non-conformist, you have to dress in black, and listen to the same music we do."
a.) Goth kids. Black attire, hopped up on caffeine writing bad gothic poetry (i.e. "If a drop of blood would make you smile I would slash my wrists till I expired in a crimson puddle of my wasted love")
b.) Wiccan kids. Not to be confused with Goth kids. They wear black too, but lean more toward the caped Halloween look. They must have bumper stickers on their car that read something like "My other car is a broomstick". They know magik so you better not mess with them.
c.) Emo kids. You will either have the tolerable ones who actually know something about music, or the lame ones that just discovered the fad out of Seventeen magazine. Availability varies by location. Dashboard anyone?

3.) The bitter kid that makes fun of those people in #2. This can be damn funny.

4.) The creepy midnight shift guy. No one knows much about him, but they wish he's take a shower.

5.) The people who drag their whining screaming brats out for an 11 pm dinner. Maybe if Mommy hadn't been turning tricks all day she would have made you a home cooked meal.

6.) The drunks. If need help spotting them they the person that just went into the booth headfirst. Also, the stoners. They never bothered to find the booth; they are sitting on the floor.

7.) An impossible to operate crane machine.

8.) Billowing clouds of smoke. What non-smoking section?

9.) Endless amount of coffee! Endless! *Sigh* and tea, for those types.
"Denny's exist for one purpose and that is to serve the completely exhausted an the totally wasted... and no one else. Because of that fact you can go in there an order anything without reading a single word, you just point to the photograph of the food you want." ~ Sabrina Matthews
by jax January 4, 2005
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Where you go at 3am to laugh at the drunkards, smoke cigarettes, and eat some grub. A good 24 hour Diner.
"Let's go to Denny's!"
by Commonwealth1325 October 22, 2003
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This ubiqutous sleazy diner is made no less creepy by its family restraunt facade. Step inside and you will find it is not so much a diner as a 24 Hour Competitive Eating Thunderdome.
3am and hungry - go to Denny's.
End up blacking out while battle-eating the other drunks.

Typical Denny's patron.
by TreeWeezel November 14, 2011
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The feelin that is evoked following a large meal at a Denny's establshment. Generally occurs after 1:00 a.m. Following a delicious meal of scrambled eggs and chicken strips.
"Dude we have got to get back to the dorm! I got the Denny's my friend and it's a Grand Slam."
by Reinhold the Rowdy Redneck March 16, 2010
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The Denny's. The home of The Brownie. The only place to purchase the finest quality dessert ever.
Newbie: This whole "Brownie" thing is dumb, I can't finish it.

Broom: Thats it. Just leave the table. Now.

by Hector Projector April 8, 2003
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Generous, understanding, smart, and very talented. He is as sharp and as quick-witted as Jim Carrey on speed, but he can also sometimes be brooding like Marlon Brando. He's a strange one, but he will leave you laughing anytime you see him. He has a cute self-consciousness about him that is very charming. He is so gifted that everything just comes to him naturally and effortlessly, but he genuinely thinks he sucks at everything when in fact he doesn't. Which is fine, because that makes him try ten times harder than anybody else at anything that he does. He is also very tough. Stories tell of him wrestling a pack of hungry coyotes that were messing with his cat. Don't ask what happened to those coyotes. He's just one of those few people that have a commanding presence about them, and you instantly recognize him when he steps into a room. Mere mortals tremble by his very presence, but he doesn't see you this way. He is never judgmental towards others, which is refreshing to see. He is very empathetic and always wants to relate to others. I think he's an artist, and a damn good one, but he cringes when hearing that word. He has great difficulty receiving compliments, of all things, and I cannot figure out why. Did I mention he's handsome? He looks like Johnny Depp. On a bad day. His wit, humor, handsomeness, and all around awesomeness, makes me think that he is the reincarnation of Cary Grant.
Dennis: Why are you so good to me?

You: Shall I climb up and tell you why?

Dennis: Lol.
by dont delete me April 18, 2013
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Hands down, the best human encounter one could possibly have in the entire universe. A dennis typically breaks out in song yelling in the middle of a grocery store. You can usually find a dennis in the least crowded places of the world. A Dennis also likes to pretend he is a hard ass with no heart, but in fact he actually has one of the biggest hearts in the world. Extremely intelligent, and musically inclined. And makes the absolute best soul mate. Very loyal. And very sexy. Most beautiful eyes in the planet. Some might even say that a dennis is out of this world. Quite possibly an alien.
Dude this guy is THE COOLEST, he is such a dennis!
by Millay93 March 28, 2020
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