An in-depth or comprehensive review of a topic.
The speaker informed the board of directors that she would provide a deep dive on the topic of incentive compensation at their next meeting.
by QAB April 3, 2014
When you spend like years on Google googling usually weird stuff that you would never share with anyone.
"Dude, you been up in your room for like hours what ar- OMFG WHY ARE YOU WATCHING SNAILS GIVING BIRTH?! ARE YOU DOING ANOTHER GOOGLE DEEP DIVE?"
by assappreciation May 12, 2017
To go down on a woman (give her oral sex).
I went deep sea diving last night.
by Pete November 10, 2004
1. going down on a woman. 2. eating a woman out. 3. cunnilingus.
He better be good at deep sea diving if he doesn't last long in bed!
by jadgie August 18, 2010
When someone goes deep into the explore page on Instagram to find the best memes
Friend 1: Check out this quality meme.
Friend 2: How did you even find this?!?
Friend 1: I went deep meme diving.
by rbwh December 26, 2017
"Diving Deep" happens during sexual intercourse where the man tries to push his penis far into the female's vagina.

Alone, to take a "dive" means to penetrate. So when someone dives, they're having sex. But when you dive deep, your whole penis is probably inside of the woman.
Just like when someone says "I went deep" or when a female says "He's so deep". They arent talkin' about personality ;)
Mario's song Break Up ft. Sean Garrett and Gucci Mane "Dont when I dive, I dive deep?"
by ghostbuster* July 23, 2009
When the food is so good you have to scrape out the very bottom of your plate. Especially used with amazing pho/ soup
Damn son, deep-dish-diving huh?
Yeah dude this pho is pho-king amazing!
by VollDasBrainEyy February 18, 2019