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To go down on a woman (give her oral sex).
I went deep sea diving last night.
by Pete November 10, 2004
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1. going down on a woman. 2. eating a woman out. 3. cunnilingus.
He better be good at deep sea diving if he doesn't last long in bed!
by jadgie August 17, 2010
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To stick one's entire cranium into the vaginal orifice of a female (or I guess a hermaphrodite.)
Did you see that guy go deep sea diving on that big-hips chick? I DID LOLOLOLOL.
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Having to retrieve a tampon after sex. Consisting of squatting and retrieving the tampon with your fingers. Usually there is a moment of panic when you believe it is too far to reach.
I decided to have sex on my period but had to go deep sea diving afterward.
by Satansmokesreds July 23, 2013
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