Rap musician from the East Atlanta zone 6 area. Known for rapping simplistic lyrics over hype beats, though he may lack lyrical skill he manages to put together an entertaining song.
Gucci Mane gained notoriety after feud with fellow lyrically lax southern rapper Young Jeezy over the rights to their hit song "So Icey." Since Jeezy is a fraud ass nigga he sent a goon out to snatch Gucci's chain which resulted in said goon being gunned down by Gucci Mane. Since this incident Gucci Mane has gone on to found his own record label known as "So Icey ENT" Which produced acts such as OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame. So Icey also has a long list of affiliates which include Shawty-Lo, DG Yola, and fellow zone 6 trap nigga Kourtney Money.
For those who dismiss Gucci as untalented, or even retarded you must consider his background. Unlike most rappers, Gucci is a real trap nigga. This means that Gucci actually did get rich from crack alone and his lyrics are not fabrications at all. And for the person who said Gucci should not be compared to Wayne, youre right. This is because Wayne is a fake ass fraud nigga that likes to kiss other niggas. Sure, Wayne may be more lyrically inclined than Gucci but thats because while Gucci was out snappin bricks and hittin licks, Wayne was busy suckling on "Birdman's" taint for a chance to be famous. Wayne never shot anybody, didnt make money off rock, and only got shot, because he accidentally shot himself, Wayne is not treal
ex 1. did you hear that new Gucci Mane track? The beat is hot fire

ex. 2 I drove down Gresham last night and saw Gucci Mane smokin' dutches in front of the Libra with Yola and Juice
by yungmane July 02, 2010
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A rapper From East Atlanta, Originally Born in Birmingham, Alabama. He moved to Atlanta at a young age. "Gucci Mane"s real name is Radric Davis. Gucci Mane is well known for beef with rapper "Young Jeezy" due to a dispute over the rights of the song "So Icy". Gucci mane Has released 2 cd's "Trap House" a 2005 release and his most recent "Hard 2 kill", Gucci has also release a few mixtapes, one being called "Chicken Talk" Hosted by "DJ Burn One".

Gucci Mane is Famous for many songs such as "Icy", "Traphouse", "My Chain", and "Go Head" Gucci Mane does not have a record deal and occasionally refers to himself as "Sign Yourself" and sometimes saying "Sign yourself off in the building."

Gucci Mane was on Trial for murder by the state of Atlanta but the charges were dropped by the state. His lawyer said his acts were in self defense.
"aww man thats that Gucci Mane, he da realist trapper out the A."

"Did you hear that new Gucci Mane cd, Hard to Kill?"

"Lets bump dat gucci while we trappin dawg."

by ezk88 April 15, 2007
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The hair between your balls and asshole, also known as the hair on your gooch. Not the rapper Gucci Mane.
"I was going down on Seth the other day and I had to stop and stare at his Gucci Mane"

"Gucci Mane?"

"The hair on his gooch. It's terrible."
by Ieatshoes December 09, 2009
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Big cat laflare. The trap god. The realest rapper around. watch some interviews this nigga is a real dude. hes a trapper and a rapper and owns 1017 BRICK SQUAD with waka flocka and oj da juiceman signed. he's beefing with young jeezy for years now over the song icey.
BURR gucci mane dont care
gucci fuck on your bed don't care who be looking
you girlfriend said gucci too demanding.. bitch shut the fuck up and take these 10 bricks to kansas
by lambogod December 27, 2012
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