Something, such as the fear of punishment or the expectation of reward, that induces action or motivates effort.
Jake was promised free entry into the bar if he mowed the lawn for his neighbor.
by Ryan Thompson July 19, 2004
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What the boss likes to say when he's explaining how to get your business partners to act in what he thinks is your best interest. It falls somewhere between "encourage" and "coerce". Ironically, whatever it is he's trying to "incentize" them to do is in their best interest anyway, so "incentization" really isn't required at all.
"We need to incentize them to only buy the number of parking places they need."
"Why would they buy parking places they don't need?"
"That's why we incentize them!"

by theghostlight August 15, 2008
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Verb; first used in the third presidential debate in 2004 by President Bush. Suspected meaning - to induce by promise of reward or avoidance of punishment (i.e. to give incentives) to others to embark on a particular course of action. One step below the pseudo-English word incentivize, usually used by economists to indicate their superior intelligence over the people who need the incentin'.
"We gotta incent those people to get off welfare by cuttin' off their child health benefit thingies."
by Starker Kull October 30, 2004
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1. Also known as intuition
2. The feeling of confidence one gets when making stupid calls on a draw.
"Why the hell did you just do that?"
"It's called poker incentive"
"Do you mean intuition?"
"What are you, female?"
by G October 01, 2004
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A liquid bonus, typically a six-pack of the performer's choice, attached to an action, and granted after completion of the action. The action is typically crude in nature, such as having sex with someone for situational humor, or finishing a large quantity of alcohol.
Bob, Ted, Fred and Jimmy are at a bar:
Bob: "So my sister and mother are coming to visit next week"
Ted: "Beverage Incentive!"
Bob: "..."

A week later, after Jimmy successfully slays both:
Ted: "Jimmy, here's your two six packs. I'm going to put down another beverage incentive. If you finish all 12 beers in 20 minutes, I'll get you another six pack"
by JR Page December 24, 2010
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the act of furthering your career by engaging in an inappropriate act with your manager or boss.
Chuck was planning on firing Sally until she unzipped his pants and gave him an under-the-desk incentive. She not only kept her job, she also got a raise.
by Chase Smith January 22, 2007
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