Econ 207 final exam is comprehensive.
by Lum1234 November 26, 2009
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In the United Kingdom comprehensives are secondary schools (high schools) which are paid for by the government, unlike independent schools (private schools) and have no power to select their students based on academic ability, unlike grammar schools.
After five years of being taught little else most of their pupils are evidently unable to use a condom correctly.

Left-wing people generally believe that pupils of different abilities should be taught in the same schools(!). They closed down almost all of the grammar schools with the aim of providing 'equal opportunities' - condemning intelligent children from poor families to seven years of hell before finally getting to university.
About 90% of British schoolchildren now attend comprehensives.

A training ground for the next generation of drug-dealers and prostitutes.
Teacher: I'd expect that kind of debauchery at the comprehensive down the road, but not here at The College! *

Teacher: Can we stop acting like a bunch of retards from the local comprehensive and get on with the work! *

* laughs all round, we all that know our teacher went to a comprehensive himself

Snob (boy): I can't believe you kissed a girl from a comprehensive, you've probably got AIDS now!

Snob (girl): Oh my God, some boys from the comprehensive flirted with me on the bus (shudders) I thought I was gonna get raped!
by middle-class snob April 23, 2006
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The ability to be clearly understand or capacity to perceive. kom-pri-hend
The true spelling of comprehendable;

Comprehendable from English word comprehend. Several poorly educated Americans decided on "comprehensible."
"Why is google saying that comprehendable is not a word?"
*5 hours later*
Did you mean "comprehensible?"
by HuniSenpai May 7, 2016
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adjective: Ebonics for Socialistic; having the qualities associated with Socialism; euphemistic term for socialistic.

See comprehensive health care reform, comprehensive financial reform, comprehensive immigration reform, etc.
by TruthSayer2451 July 8, 2010
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Even swear, I never said I was a family friendly channel, I just didn't swear until now, deal with it.

Comprehensive :)
by AustraliaPog June 19, 2021
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