Cattle Decapitation is a bad-ass 4 man death metal/deathgrind band fronted by lead singer Travis Ryan.
Guy 1: "Dude, we need to see Cattle Decapitation on Friday. I heard they're playing 5 songs from Monolith of Inhumanity."
Guy 2: "Sounds like a plan! I'll get tickets."
by Jigginsmusic October 29, 2014
When one is 'prairie doggin it' and clinches his or her rectum at a most inopportune time, resulting in a small turd being cut from the larger mass of shit completely or partially as a dingle-berry.
"Decapitate the Dog"
Dude, me and the bros were cruising down the interstate and i was prairie doggin mad until a deer ran out in front of the truck and we slammed it. Totally decapitated the dog man, it was embarrassing.
by Dingle-Dog July 15, 2012
when you are turtle heading, or plain taking a dookie, and you "cut loose" the protruding mass of excrement by clenching your sphincter tight mid turd
"damnd that was a long crap, i had to decapitate the turtle before it touched the water"
by Dan the pc butcher March 1, 2008
An extreme cut and blow dry that dramatically changes the persons look.
by B247E June 30, 2011
The act of shoving your entire head up another person's ass and having them clench till the bloodflow is cut off to your head
Bro 1: Bro my gfs kinda pissed at me cause I asked if we could do Anal Decapitation

Bro 2: Why would you even ask that
by Johnny-k17 November 3, 2019
When you are eating out a girl and she squeezes her thick thighs together so hard that she decapitates you.
Damn... that thick mami just Leonardo Decapitated my buddy last night.
by yungcleen March 15, 2018
Chopping someone's head off with your dick
OMG! I just witnessed some dude performing a phallic decapitation
by Matt Dasher September 27, 2007