1) a big score in sales. 2) a profit margin collected in a transaction that is disproportionately large relative to the actual cost of the product or service.
"Gentlemen,...drinks are on Anthony tonight because once again he took their head off!",(roar in the office),"he set a new record,...15 pounds baby!!!"
by Mr. Wundirphal April 15, 2009
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The act of receiving a blow job while driving and eating ice cream.
Used in a sentence:
I promise next time we head off to Vermont, I won’t get any Chunky Monkey in your hair.”
by FelixTheCat11 October 21, 2018
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When you gently place your head on the desk because you cant be asked to listen in your computing class but your teacher screams HEAD OFF THE DESK!
by BeepBeepBitsInTheChat July 3, 2018
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Masturbate (male) furiously to the point that your tear the penis off at the glans.
Jimmy has been ripping the head off it for hours now... shall we call an ambulance?
by ANDYRM April 15, 2016
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Mother: Jimmy come down, your potato's are getting cold
Jimmy: Just a minute mom, im pulling the head off it
by jed mitchell April 12, 2007
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To have an aggressive wank, or to get a hand-job off an angry girl.
"Yeah, last night I went home and was so frustrated I ended up pulling the head off it"

"Man, Kelly was so annoyed with me but we had angry sex and she nearly ended up pulling the head off it!"
by _TryCatch September 16, 2014
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