When someone passes some kind of alcohol or drug up, and gives it to you.
"Do you want that last Bud Light?"
"To your head."
by fox! June 14, 2007
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That they are cracking jokes about you
She on your head boy, you better not let her talk to you like that.
by Jnash10 December 19, 2015
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To be "on (someone's) head" is to make fun of someone or "roast " them. My little brother insists this is already a phrase so it ought to be on here
by the regan8r April 19, 2018
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when someone wants to fight or kill you
People spread rumors about me saying they all heard it from you I'm at your head
by Emily Myers January 1, 2014
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having more difficulties than you can manage
Calculus is very hard for you. You're in over your head.
by tsktskshit October 28, 2015
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a phrase used by every white Australian male PE teacher when you fuck around.
you're better off to stop being fucking annoying or they'll call you fuckwit for the rest of the year.
by clappyfappy March 30, 2019
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This is when something annoys to the point that you feel like your head is going to explode i.e. complete frustration
That Crazy Frog song wrecks my head.
by AnnieG August 9, 2005
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