An act of masturbation in which, while one pleasures themself, they decapitate themself with a rusty shovel or dime store katana at the verge of climax. Then, whilst their head rolls away, they attempt to catch the load in their mouth within the final three seconds of life.
Detective 1: "What do you think Bill, was this a murder?"

Detective 2: "Well, judging by the placement of the head and the trajectory of the wad, I'd have to say that this is autoerotic decapitation."
by DCarradine March 23, 2014
A Deathgrind band from San Diego California. Their music is incredibly intense and chaotic. Some have even described their sound as "schizophrenic". Many people say they are a deathgrind or death metal band but their music is much more than just those genres.

Their lyrics often protest animal cruelty, consumption/production of meat, environmental damage in a very macabre style. All the band members are vegans which i think is fucking awesome (I'm a vegan as well).

Also, they can put on an incredible live show and the vocalists is great!!! I have had the pleasure of seeing them live and I was thoroughly impressed.

Some good albums of theirs that you should check out would be The Harvest Floor, Karma Bloody Karma, Humanure and To Serve Man.
deathgrind gore not core veganism the harvest floor to serve man Cattle Decapitation
by Slayer of Light July 1, 2009
Involuntary decapitation is where you accidentally rear-end a little old lady in her automobile and her wig flies out of the passenger's window leading you to believe her shoulder belt decapitated her.
When I saw that poor old woman's wig on the side of the road,I just knew I was going to be charged with involuntary decapitation.
by wolfbait51 April 15, 2011
a badass metal band out of sanfrancisco...

2 words:

cattle decapitation is FUCKING BRUTAL!
by Orlon September 14, 2006
When you have a turtle head pertruding out of your anus and you clench the anus hole and the turtle head falls off. Commonly known as the decapitated turtle.
Holy SHIT, my turtle head fell off in my pants and has left thick skids oh damn. Stupid decapitated turtle, shouldnt clench my anus when so excited.
by Lee puff and dust August 28, 2009
One who gets sexually aroused by severed heads have a decapitation fetish.

While people may consider this a serious mental or psychological disorder, it is better characterized as a hidden, barbaric side of the person.

As with any other fetish, the person is still socially acceptable, as long as nobody finds out and he/she can keep his/her thoughts in control.
Swinging his axe at the elven archer, he violently severs her beautiful face from her shoulders. As Elnaira's beheaded body falls to the ground, Bronsk grabs her decapitated head by her soft hair and comtemplates his new trophy: her peaceful blue eyes staring into nothingness, her blood-soaked mouth invitingly open, her tongue ready to caress his orcish phallus...

Bronsk would take the leader's head back home and release his barbaric lust by violently thrusting through its every orifice... then putting it on a stake outside, and then proceed to ejaculate on Elnaira's sweet features as a last act of lust and disgrace to her.
by Bronsk the Orc January 4, 2005
this is an amazing death-grind band. the only way i can describe their music is like cannibal corpse, carcass, napalm death, and slayer all on steroids. and the vocalist, travis ryan, has seriously, the BEST exhales ever!!!!
oh man, i just listened to cattle decapitation!

dude, thats awesome!!!

i know, they're great!
by GeStAtIoN oF sMeGmA June 15, 2010