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When a car uses their wipers in a queue, spraying the windscreen of the car behind. This makes the car behind clean their windows, spraying the windsceen of the car behind and so on.
normally a dry day & is made of 2 or more cars using their wipers in a row. Largest likely mexicar wave would be in traffic on a motorway or busy road
by B247E August 21, 2009
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£10 of marajuana. tens=£10
"have u got a tens"
"chip in for a tens"
by B247E January 4, 2005
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A persons distinct/unique knock that allows them to be identified before being seen or heard.

This allows the person to decide if they want to let the person in or pretend they're not in.
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK......KNOCK....KNOCK..... KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "whats that?!?" "Thats Matthew with the tens!" "how do you know?" "Duh! Knocker ID! N.O but you're stupid! "
by B247E June 23, 2010
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Stands for 'No Offense". Mainly used in texts or online but increasingly being used in conversations.

Heard it here first from ZODIAC
"N.O but you look stupid"
"Your rubbish at that, N.O"
by B247E August 7, 2009
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mostly used in messages, jykez is a odd spelling for jokes.
normally used after saying something as a joke that could be taken the wrong way by the recipient
u r a complete idiot. neva go near me again. jykez!! lol!
by B247E January 9, 2008
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An extreme cut and blow dry that dramatically changes the persons look.
by B247E June 30, 2011
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A name for the default ring tones on the iphone
just choosing which itone to use this week..
by B247E October 14, 2010
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