A borderline music genre between death metal and grindcore. Basically, it's too punky to be pure death metal, but the songs are too long and complicated for it to be raw grindcore either.

Good examples are 1989-1992 and post-2000 Napalm Death, first Brutal Truth album, Benighted, Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, Misery Index, second Carcass album, Lock Up, Brujeria and early Bolt Thrower.
A: — It sure was a sick grindcore gig we went to yesterday.
B: — Didn't that band play death metal?
A: — Oh, come on, they were grindy as fuck.
C: — Ugh, guys, they play deathgrind.
by xXxDESTROYERxOVxPUSSYxXx March 21, 2018
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A Brutal mix of death metal and Grindcore. Usual, high pitched pig squeels, and very deep grunts, makes a chaotic mix of sound. Usually shorter songs are made by deathgrind bands. It is not an official genre, maybe soon to be.
Some band examples are

The Faceless-myspace.com/thefaceless
Fecal Corpse-myspace.com/fecalcorpse

Deathgrind is brutal as hell.
by Max Goike June 28, 2006
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