a piece of shit that hangs on one of your ass hairs and wont fall off.
Damn dingle-berry is still there and i wiped twenty times!
by Johnny B September 10, 2003
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when a mans ass and nut hair intertwine with a neglected left-over piece of poo forming an uncomfortable knot.
Ian was attempting to cut out a dingle-berry, when he got a leg cramp and sliced his gooch and was rushed to emergency.
by Cadice January 27, 2006
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A very small piece of shit intertwined with nut hairs and lint-balls from underwear. Dingle-berries are usually lodged via nut hairs on the upper inner thigh area next to the "scrotum pits " or inside the scrotum pits themselves. When dingle-berries age, they break free and attach themselves to underwear.
Dave washed his drawers but one damn dingle-berry is still there!
by J_B. November 28, 2007
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A small piece of poo clinging for dear life on the ass hair like it's the gym rope
Ahhh! where are the scissors!
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A Big ball of shit hanging down from your ass hair!
Execuse me sir, you got a dingle berry comin' out your butt.
by BIFFY February 22, 2004
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Dried up shit that hangs on to the hair of the ass.
Kate: Hey Josh, I see a dingle berry hanging out of your ass.
Josh: Be a good friend and get that for me.
by I forget December 10, 2004
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