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Ugly or unattractive woman. Someone who's looks can cause a loss of erection.

also: deboned, deboning
You went out with her? She's a major deboner.
by vx0 April 21, 2008
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a deboner is a slight hardness in the penis or genitil region that cannot be felt by the average person because it is so small.

a deboner busts in less than four seconds and jones' for big ass.
" i think i might have felt a DEBONER today... or it could have been a pinky poking my ass.."
by pumkineatermangocack April 08, 2010
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The international version of Boner. Name given to a guy who used to hit on his friends girls in college, but graduated to friends moms... or step moms.
De Boner, the best no lie!
by Steve Polito July 04, 2007
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