What you see when you walk behind a fat chavette wearing a crop top and low slung jeans. Huge rolls of fat will ooze out from all sides; the roll that comes just above her thong is called backfat. It's disgusting, but these girls think they look so good.
Person #1: LOL at the look on the guy behind Mosh Girl's face!
Person #2: He's probably horrified at the sight of all that backfat!
by Lace March 7, 2006
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A fat person that has develope back rolls on there back.
"man when i put my bra on. my backfat started hanging from my straps"
by Chavela September 22, 2006
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When someone sits on a chair and you can see their backfat hanging off the chair.
"Connor! look at Jake!" Osha backfat!
by Squidinc April 25, 2017
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When all of a sudden you turn around and a giant tsunami of rolled squishy flesh is in your face and you try not to vomit and defecate yourself as you run screaming in the other direction
Guy 1- Dude i totally had backfat horror yesterday

Guy 2- I am so so sorry D:
by S3v3n December 30, 2013
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When your shirt doesn't go down far enough and all you see is a disgusting mess of backfat
"Eww look at her she needs to hide that pesky backfat"
by sha na na December 20, 2006
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Awkward, unattractive, or unhealthy emotional or mental traits mostly invisible to the person possessing them but evident from to others is in their vicinity from certain angles. Neither necessarily unattractive nor inherently desirable.
“Sure, I’ve got some emotional backfat; it gives me an extra layer of protection against the icy chill of your critiques.”
by Ttrp2cn2b January 24, 2023
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