adj. Complete, finished, over with. Not sure about the origin. Somebody fill that in for me.
Ben and J.Lo were going to live happily ever after, and then the media started calling them Bennifer and that was all she wrote.
by fizzle April 10, 2004
Sticking a sharpie into a girls ass with the tip pointed out. You then have sex with said girl doggy-style, and when you are done decipher what "she wrote."
While doing "anal she wrote," it looks like she drew a panda.
by Mr. Sam-da-Man April 8, 2010
“ murder she wrote “ is a reference to something going correctly. the phrase ‘ murder she wrote ‘ means whoever SHE is planned and wrote it down.
“ And I asked her what the dick did and murder she wrote
And she wanna give me mo' head but my dick hurt her throat “ - tay k ;murder she wrote
by hottiesouthernbody February 25, 2021
The best show ever starring the coolest lady in the world, Angela Lansbury.
Kid 1: Did you catch "Murder, She Wrote" last night? I missed it.
Kid 2: Yea it was the shit! Jessica found another murderer and saved Cabot Cove just in time.
Kid 1: She might as well be Jesus.
by K.C.B October 2, 2006
It means when something has finished, and is usually said when a person has won something easily, or when deep down, the person knew they were going to win.
April, May, June, and Julie were playing monopoly. April was in the lead with over $3,000, and when May, June, and Julie all declared bankrupt, April shouted, "That's all she wrote, bitchezzzzz!"
by Jamie Tomlinson April 2, 2013