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A friend till the end, she's got your back no matter what. A constant source of intense laughter. Speaker of the greatest smart-ass comments ever heard. An extremely beautiful person on the outside; has an even more impressive inner beauty. Has more inner strength than most people.
A truly beautiful and charming person who is intelligent . A fantastic lover. Name means Queen bee and the beholder of beauty. Her sophistication and charm will draw you in. They live their lives passionately and energetically. Someone who will be there for you no matter what happens in your life and is there to support you. A person who is very friendly and has a bubbly personality. An optimistic person.
You can always count on Deb's inner strength to get her through.
I wish I was as optimistic as Deb is.
Deb is the kind of friend that always has your back no matter what.
Have you noticed how bubbly Deb is?
Be a Deb... means be intelligent.
Deb Winger plays an intelligent, bubbly woman in a lot of her movies.
by tetra May 27, 2013
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Referring to women who are sexually or romantically attracted to other women. Applies to both lesbians and bisexual women, as it is only the same-sex attraction that matters, not any other attractions the women may have.

Originates from the Greek poet Sappho, a bisexual woman from the Isle of Lesbos, from which we get the term lesbian.
The sapphic women greatly enjoyed each others company.
by whatisdead June 25, 2015
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Independent, Intelligent, Beautiful, Strong Minded, Easily Adapts in Different Situations, Is the Focus of Attention, Great Sense of Humor, Sassy, Loving Caregiver, Well Rounded Interests, The Girl Every Guy wants to be With, Super Sexy.

Delightful Exotic Beauty
I wish I could be a deb, she's so hot!
by DivaDeb February 03, 2010
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Greatest movie ever...

Recruited by the U.S. government for their unique ability to lie, cheat and fight, Amy, Max, Janet and Dominique join an underground academy of secret agents known only as D.E.B.S. These crime fighting hotties set out to save the world and keep their lipstick perfectly applied while doing so. Now the girls must combine their skills for their most important mission- to capture vexing vixen Lucy Diamond, the deadliest criminal the world has ever known. When D.E.B.S. star player, Amy, falls for Lucy, chaos erupts and the D.E.B.S. loyalty is put to the test.
"Dude. What's your favorite movie?"
"Dude. D.E.B.S."
by Shizuru August 31, 2006
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deb is defined as delicious ediable babe
If we go out tonight, we might meet a nice deb.
by Mississippi June 13, 2006
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Short for d'ebutante, a term for the subject of a coming of age event in which a young girl "makes her debut into society." Often in a very formal context. Can be defined by the trained edge at which they interact with others and portray themselves.

In this shorter version it can be:

1 n. A sassy remark on the noticable effort another puts into their appearance/presentation.

2 adj. The act of preparing for a big entrance.

3 n. A word that an actual debutante would use if they were feeling rebellious.
1 Honey, stop being such a deb before I rip your fake eyelashes out.

2 Deb me up.

3 The debs and I are going to sneak in a couple of 40s to the country club tonight.
by Lella September 18, 2006
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Once in a millenium a woman is born who is both beautiful and fun to tickle under a shady tree. The person I am talking about is of course the most eligible bachelorette in the Northern Hemisphere. A woman of both grace and Christian morals, she is held in the highest regard worldwide. She certainly is the human race's finest being.
When Debs walked onto the baseball field in her skimpy outfit, I creamed my pants.
by Taylor July 06, 2003
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