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Sitting on your hand, until it "falls asleep," then jacking off while that hand is asleep. It feels like someone else is doing it.
After watching porn last night, I decided to rub one off with my dead hand.
by Smileyguy December 15, 2005
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To drop a drink. When a person is too drunk to hold a drink and it slips out. Usually accompanied by merciless taunting.
Lennie was so drunk that he deadhanded his rum and coke. There were shards of glass everywhere.
by ShardsOfGlass December 20, 2009
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Male or female masturbation with a hand that is numb from being sat on or some similar blood flow restriction
I had a Dead hand wank when I woke up and found my hand was numb
by InterestedGeek March 10, 2010
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v. to slap someone with a dead-like or loose hand.
When Eric and his friends mess around, they dead hand each other in the chest to hurt them.
by Lexie "Jeffrey" October 11, 2005
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